Transaction services

Our specialist financial consulting teams can support you with:

  • carrying out due diligence in relation to acquisitions or transfers
  • making financial analyses of complex situations
  • earmarking the accounts to be assigned for a site or activity
  • implementing your assignment procedures
  • managing your situation post-acquisition

More generally, our teams can assist you in situations that require specialist financial expertise (financing of projects or investments, leaseback arrangements or deconsolidation of assets, off-balance sheet commitments, outsourcing, etc.).


For example, we can offer the following services:

Assignment of a subsidiary, branch office or activity
If you require assistance with assignment operations, our teams can carry out preliminary preparations in order to identify the project’s risks and opportunities and then make the required financial analyses. We can also assist you with the assignment process and with determining what information you should give to potential buyers.

External expansion
Our teams can provide assistance throughout the entire acquisition process, applying their expertise to the sensitive issues involved in such an operation, e.g. buy-side due diligence, preparing a business plan, evaluation, assistance with negotiating financial conditions, integrating the target into the acquiring group, post-acquisition management.

Depending on the nature of the situation, we will call on the skills of our other experts in order to offer you a more complete and detailed response to your problems.