RLB | SQA supports over 200 clients in France and the rest of the world.

RLB | SQA is an independent, global consultancy practice, with a commitment to deliver high quality outcomes through audit and advisory services focused on the cost estimation and management in Construction, Infrastructures and facilities, since 1993.




1993 Creation of Davis Langdon France by Davis Langdon International, a world leader in quantity surveying based in London since 1919.

2006 Davis Langdon France is transferred to Jamestown Limited in London and becomes Sterling Quest Associates.

2008 Sterling Quest Associates becomes a founding member of the international network RLB Euro Alliance, a world leader in quantity surveying, project management, project development support and the management of real-estate projects.

2013 Sterling Quest Associates begins working in close partnership with an auditing and financial consultancy firm, in order to broaden its auditing and financial consultancy activities.

2014 Sterling Quest Consulting financial advisory services and Sterling Quest Audit provide audit et due diligence services.

2015 Sterling Quest Associates become accredited by OPQTECC, and become a member of UNTEC (Union of Quantity Surveyors),

2016 Sterling Quest Associates become SQA and integrate EQUATION

2018 BETB (firm established in Morocco) becomes an affiliate of SQA

2020 SQA become RLB | SQA, a full affiliate member of RLB global practice


RLB | SQA is a firm that brings together a wide variety of different fields of expertise in order to offer you solutions tailored to your situation and the specific nature of your sector.

These multiple skills are combined within a consistent approach governed by an overall framework of ethical guidelines. They are applied in accordance with your needs in order to establish a project-specific team with the optimum combination of skills and expertise whom we guarantee to be highly experienced and responsive.

Responsiveness, experience and targeted solutions are the added values of our approach, which is based on rigorous and innovative working methods.

Specialists in finance, construction and engineering with a high level of expertise are brought together by SQA to make your projects a success in France and throughout the whole world.


RLB | SQA has over 200 clients in France. Its services are targeted at all participants in the economy, from large French and international groups to SMEs and family businesses and associations and foundations as well as the public sector (public institutions, chambers of commerce, local authorities, etc.) in all areas of activity.

RLB | SQA has specific experience in the public works sector, industry, transport (air and maritime) and banking and finance.

The group is also very active on behalf of public and semi-public entities (public-private partnerships, chambers of commerce and industry, local government, etc.).


RLB | SQA mobilises its expert consultants around the values of experience, expertise, responsiveness and commitment.

RLB | SQA’s experience and pragmatism will win you time, efficiency and profitability.
The accessibility and responsiveness of our experts enable operations to be carried out rapidly and efficiently in accordance with your needs.

The firm and its associates are completely independent and maintain the strictest confidentiality.