Technical Due Diligence

RLB | SQA provides Technical Due Diligence to its many clients in all types of context, including public-private partnerships, in relation to financing, design, construction and/or the maintenance of works. The services that our consultants provide include all of the following:

  • Drafting due diligence reports concerning the technical, contractual and financial issues of projects in order to evaluate the risks
  • Assisting decision makers (lenders or public entities) during the design and execution phases of works up to start-up and during operation.

The launch of a major investment project must be preceded by a preliminary evaluation in order to enable a clear decision to be made. In the case of public-private partnerships, the purpose of this phase is to demonstrate the complexity or urgency of the operation and to present the reasons that justify using this type of contract by means of a comparative analysis of other types of procedure. RLB | SQA has experience in this domain that is second to none.

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A holistic approach that takes all the specific characteristics of your project into account

Our approach consists of maximising the potential of the project and identifying and managing the risks involved. It is applied in accordance with simple rules and in compliance with the fundamental standards of our profession. Our approach is based on:

  • a multifaceted approach take accounts for the specific concerns of each individual project, including legal and financial planning, quality and cost control, project management (budgeting, planning, coordination, management, reporting, communication) and risk and opportunity analysis.
  • tried and tested auditing and assessment methods, a portfolio of past projects on both a national and international scale (databases by construction economists, ratios, a reference system for pricing practices and installation operations, etc.)
  • an objective and creative working method that accounts for the uniqueness of each project and its specific characteristics without copy-pasting pre-fabricated solutions. We have an interactive management style designed to identify the choices and options that will lead to the ideal time/quality/cost ratio for the project.
  • Operational and business know-how: the act of construction is not an end in itself for clients. Their projects are a means of production or delivery of a service, whether public or private, or intended to be used in the sale of products. We bring operational and business know-how that has been honed over the years to help our clients achieve their main objectives.
  • Individualised estimates: with regard to provisional estimates, which constitute one of the core tools of construction economists, our approach is not to regard estimates as an end in themselves. They provide information and should be used as a tool to assist the developer in decision making. In order to be effective, estimates must be transparent, structured and based on hypotheses that have been confirmed by all the partners involved in the project.

Responsiveness, experience and targeted solutions are the added values of our approachEvery project benefits from high added value thanks to:

  • our responsiveness and receptiveness to the goals of our clients
  • our rigorous and innovative working methods
  • our experience with complex projects, the market and environment in France and exports
  • our databases built on the systematic analysis of feedback from our operations
  • our ability to prioritise the crucial elements of a project and to monitor them throughout the duration of operations.