Missions of urban renewal and urban scheduling, control and coordination

Urban renewal projects issues

The complexity of urban renewal projects assumes full synergy and coordination between main stakeholders, while ensuring a clear consultation with local people.
Indeed urban renewal projects raise hope for people who used to be considered forsaken by publiic authorities. Any waiver, any failure could generate an enormous social cost. This is a radical change that project leaders to drive over several years.
The classic technical aspects of operation and planning are inadequate.

In order to optimize an urban renewal project :

  • Demolition of social housing,
  • Creation of new housing to rent or sale,
  • Renewal of housing,
  • Improvement of living environment and creation of roads and new public spaces,
  • Creation of new collective facilities.

Objectives of Sterling Quest Associates are the following :

  • Ensure that actors and means operate synergy with their interfaces,
  • Optimize the consistency of the project and assume global coordination of operations at the same time,
  • Deliver assistance and expertise for all current operations,
  • Assist in defining all best practices,
  • Manage strategic and operational supervision of the project,
  • Ensure that cost estimations and financing are fair and secured,
  • Control risk assessment all along the project to anticipate the inconsistencies,
  • Advise contractor to make right decisions and to find right solutions.

Define conditions to ease the daily-life of inhabitants during the works.

“Urban scheduling, control and coordination”: a specific expertise in our field of competences

Our project director and our project managers are assisted by internal experts with much experience in project development support.

  • Specialized project managers,
  • Expert in quantity surveying, with reliable data bases to secure construction projects costs,
  • Architects and urban-planners with project management knowledge, expert in conducting operations
  • Other experts in various fields such as accessibility, energy performance, environmental quality, local finances.


A strong knowledge of all urban renewal project issues

RLB | SQA has a recognized experience in social housing construction in “urban renewal area” (zone de Rénovation Urbaine) in more than 30 cities in France.

We have developped

  • An expertise to manage interfaces between the local authorities, actors of urban development and structuring (social housing agency, land developers, facilities developers), technical coordinators and inhabitants,
  • A strong expertise in urban, social and economic issues due to specific local contexts,
  • Management of rules dedicated to ANRU over long periods (14 to 16 months).

A great pragmatism

  • Setting up of appropriate and steering tools to ease decisions,
  • Setting up an exchange file platform to ease the interfaces between actors
  • Assistance to actors all along the project.

We ensure that our mission has positive consequences for all stakeholders.