Financial assessments ans modelling

We can assist with the valuation problems of companies of all sizes, from small enterprises to international groups, in different sectors (industry, services, finance), in all types of situation: the evaluation of intangible assets (brands, patents, expertise, etc.) in relation to acquisitions, assignments, spin-offs, public-private partnerships, asset depreciation tests, complex clauses, etc.

Our teams can secure your operations (legal and tax reorganisation, transfer of shares between shareholders, accounting choices, market operations) and assist you with complex evaluations and any simulation and financial modelling you may need.


For example, we can offer the following services:

Tax assessments

If you are reorganising (contributions from certain activities, intra-group transfer of subsidiaries), our experts can prepare evaluations that you can use as the basis for transactions and secure them from a taxation point of view.

Asset assessments
Our teams can prepare or review evaluations of the assets of your company or family in order to determine their value if you are planning to transfer or assign some of them.

Accounts assessments
We can verify evaluations made in relation to the closing of accounts, e.g. allocation of acquisition price, asset depreciation test, share-based payment arrangements.

Evaluation of intangible assets
Our teams assist you to evaluate your intangible assets (patents, brands, licenses, goodwill, etc.) in relation to the assignment or protection of these rights.

Financial modelling
We help you to construct complex financial models. Depending on your needs, these models are used to create simulations, analyse consumer awareness and evaluate projects on the basis of real options.

Multi-disciplinary team
Depending on the nature of the situation, we will call on the skills of our other experts in order to offer you a more complete and detailed response to your problems.