Nuclear Energy SQA and RLB are independent advisors, delivering services in audit and in consulting (cost management, project management and building surveying in particular) to main international actors of the nuclear energy business. Their skills in quantity surveying services, in audit and in financial consulting make them a key player in the place, which could give added value to project managers and to finance direction. Moreover their experiences of the sector enables them to know in details the relevant legislative and regulatory constraints applied to the sector. What helps them to identify the good options and the right decisions in this very specialized environment. With about 3 500 people all over the world, they are able to bring you their know-how and their best practices learnt from their past experiences in other nuclear projects, but they could also bring you their knowledge of other infrastrutures projects with similar technical issues than nuclear ones.

We propose the following services :

  • Financial Audit: certification of statutory and consolidated financial statelements, accounting advisory, optimization of financial organisation, margin analysis (…),
  • Technical Audit: audit of work in progress,  studies of global cost, renovation cost estimation (…),
  • Risk and Value management advice: risk mapping, risk asessment, reduction cost analysis (…),
  • Technical Advisor: cost estimation, communication with authorities, assistance in litigation and arbitration, project optimization (…),
  • Project Management: Cost Management and Administration, Contract and Procurement strategy advice, Cost Planning, Schedules of quantities, Project control services, Project planning, Cost and budget control, Cash flow forecasting,

SQA et RLB work for leading players of the nuclear sector,
of which :

  • Westinghouse,
  • BAe Systems,
  • Rolls Royce,
  • AWE,
  • EDF (France),
  • EON,
  • Areva (France),
  • Rwe Group,
  • N Power,
  • Scottish and Southern Power,
  • Amec
  • Serco
  • LLW Repository, Ltd,
  • Andra (France),
  • IRSN (France),
  • Springfield Fuel, Ltd,
  • Magnox Sites – North and South,
  • Dounreay Sites,
  • Nuclear Decommissionning Authority (NDA),
  • Direction Générale de l’Armement (France)
  • Nuclear Management Partners – PBO – Sellafield,
  • Nuclear Waste Management – PBO – LLWR,

A global approach which takes into account specificities of your project

Our approach aims at optimizing the value of the project, identification and management of risks. We set up simple rules in compliance with the must of the sector. Our approach is based on :

  • A global approach in order to take into account specificities of each project : legal and financial advisory, quality control, cost control, project management (budget, planification, coordination, monitoring, reporting, communication), risks and opportunities analysis.
  • Recognized audit methodology, national and international references (quantity surveying data base, ratios, price benchmark …).
  • An adapted methodology for each project to treat specificities without standard solutions. We set up an interactive management with the client in order to take the good choice and the right decision to respect the delay and to maximize the quality.
  • An operational and commercial knowledge: project isn’t an objective itself but a tool production which propose public or rpivate services. We propose a developped solution in order to assist our client in the success of their objectives.
  • A personal assessment: our approach is this one « Assessment isn’t only forecasts. It is information, a tool which enable the contractor to take decision. To be efficient, assessment must be transparente, structured and based on hypothesis agreed by all partners of the project.»

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